2016 National Election

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How we have grown.

We have 15 Chapters across the United States.

Community Service

Each Chapter has community service as it's obligation with Junior Golf as the vehicle.

Our National Foundation

The Pro-Duffers USA, Inc. National Foundation is excepting Donations www.produffeersusafoundation.org.. 

We play Golf

We host a Spring Fling and a National Convention each year. Guest are welcome.

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A National Organization
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2016 National Election Central


The nomination period for our National Election begins Thursday MAY 1st and will run thru AUG 1st.  As Candidate Obama was often quoted as saying during his 2008 campaign – “I’m Fired-Up And Ready To Go!”  To reiterate the sentiment I expressed during the Spring Fling meeting, a primary goal of the Nomination and Election Committee is to ensure that every member of Pro-Duffers USA is well informed on all aspects of this election from start to finish. To that end we’re focused like a laser beam on generating interest and getting the word out.  To be successful though we need your help to kick start the process.  How can you help? 

 You can help by today notifying every member of your Chapter of the opening of the nomination period and by encouraging them to visit  “Elections Central” found on the National Pro-Duffers USA website and by navigating to the 2016 Elections.  And for that I thank you in advance.   

 Larry Green


2016 Nomination & Election Committee  

Chapter Committee Members Elligibility for National Office
Nominee Instructions Election Guidelines
Submit Candidate Application Election Schedule  
2016 National Election Slate of Officers Letter to the Chapter Presidents  
Elections Process    


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