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How we have grown.

We have 15 Chapter across the United States.

Community Service

Each Chapter has community service as it's obligation with Junior Golf as the vehicle.

Our National Foundation

The Pro-Duffers USA, Inc. National Foundation is excepting Donations www.produffeersusafoundation.org.. 

We play Golf

We host a Spring Fling and a National Convention each year. Guest are welcome.

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A National Organization
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To:                   Mr. Charlie L. Pelham, Chairman
                         National Nomination and Election Committee Pro-Duffers USA, Inc.
                         National Officers of Pro-Duffers USA, Inc.
                         National Committee of Pro-Duffers USA, Inc.
                         Members of Pro-Puffers USA, Inc.

Re:                   National Election of Officers 2018

My Fellow Pro-Duffers:

Please accept this Memorandum as my official entry for nomination and intent for re-election to the office of National President of Pro-Duffers USA, Inc.

It is with great honor and humility that I proffer my candidacy for re-election as National President and do so based on my desire to continue to serve this principled and valuable organization and continue to advance its vision to promote the game of golf locally, nationally, and on the professional level.

My membership with Pro-Duffers USA began in 1990 after experiencing the unique combination of camaraderie and professionalism displayed by the Memphis Chapter members as they blended having fun playing golf and performing charitable deeds for the community.

My leadership contributions and positions held include the following:

·         2006                    Nomination and Election Committee, Chairman
·         2008 - 2010         National Parliamentarian 
·         2009                     Incorporation of Pro-Duffers USA, Inc., Delaware
·         2010                     Parliamentarian’s Opinion
·         2011                     Incorporation of Pro-Duffers Foundation, Inc., Delaware
·         2012                     US Patents and Trademark Registration of LOGO
·         2012                     Memorandum of Understanding USA / Foundation
·         2012                     501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Recognition / Foundation
·         2012                     Membership Committee

·         2013                     Constitution and By-laws Committee, Chairman

·         2013                     Interim National Vice President

·         2014 – 2016          National Vice President
·         2015                      Budget and Audit Committee, Chairman
·         2016 – present       National President

My actions and decisions as the Chief Executive Officer, have always been conducted with the best interest of the organization as my priority. My pledge and commitment is to continue the progress, momentum and vision of our Founders and prior National Officers in the areas of growth of the Foundation and the longevity of the organization.

I personally ask each of you for your continued confidence and vote.

                        Yours in Golf,
                        Kelvin A. Massey, National President
                        Pro-Duffers USA, Inc.

Kelvin A. Massey JD MBA MIBA
Managed Solutions LLC
1255 Lynnfield Road, Suite 137
Memphis, TN 38119-5142
(901) 207-1568 office
(888) 549-7766 eFax
kelvin@managedsolutionsllc.net email



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