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2018 National Tournament


How we have grown.

We have 15 Chapter across the United States.

Community Service

Each Chapter has community service as it's obligation with Junior Golf as the vehicle.

Our National Foundation

The Pro-Duffers USA, Inc. National Foundation is excepting Donations www.produffeersusafoundation.org.. 

We play Golf

We host a Spring Fling and a National Convention each year. Guest are welcome.

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A National Organization
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2018 National Itinerary and transportation Information

The rates and service options offered through the link are as follows:


The transportation options and pricing offered through the link are as follows:

·         Shared Ride $50.00 per person if combined with other guests.  If guest is unable to be combined with any other scheduled guests, then they will be charged the standard rate of $99.00 for the transfer.

·         Private Sedan $99.00 (Seats 1-2 passengers w/ luggage)

·         SUV $165.00 (Seats 3-5 passengers w/ luggage)

Upon booking transportation through the online link, the attendees will receive an email confirmation of their booking, our airport arrival instructions, as well as our company’s 24 hour contact information should any attendees like any additional assistance.

Golf & St. Johns Town Center Shuttles

For the shuttles to and from golf and the St. John’s town center transportation you are handling yourself, if you would like any additional assistance or end up needing any additional vehicles for these services, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you with these additional bookings if you like?

Drop Off / Pick Up Suggestions for St. Johns Town Center:

Here are a few suggestions that I would recommend designating for your group’s drop-off / pick-up locations for the St. Johns Town Center Shuttles you are running.

·         Dicks Sporting Goods Parking Lot

·         Dillard’s Parking Lot 

2018 National travel information

2018 national/Email to GOLFERS.pdf                                 2018 national/Schedule - Golfers.pdf

2018 national/Email to Non Golfers.pdf                             2018 national/Schedule - Non-Golfers.pd


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