Pro Duffers Golf Club
Columbia S.C Chapter





Columbia SC Produffers 2017 Club Schedule

March will kick off our season.  I would like to have a tournament in June.  Members over 55yrs of age, I have listed the SCGA senior one-day events in our area. Those Tee time must be made a week in advance.   I am asking all members to keep each other aware of local events that we as a club can play in and support. We will have a spring recruiting outing at Cobblestone, March, 25, at 10am, meeting afterward.  Spring Fling is in Tampa, Fla. at Innisibrooks, April 28 – 30, 2017.

Keep in mind we have a National Pro-Duffer’s event in September in San Antonio, TX.

Starting Thursday, March 2nd, I will have two tee times at Northwood and our next meeting will be afterward.  Thursday afternoon once a month will be our meeting time after golf.

·         Starting Monday, March 6th every Monday between 9:00 – 10:00 at Northwood, The


 Spur Men’s Club have open tee times.( just show up to play)


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       March 9th     Thursday, SCGA one-day at Northwood, The Spur

·         March 17th    Friday at Oak Hills (could play at another golf course)


·         March 20th    Monday 9-10 at Northwood]

·         March 25th    Saturday, 1000 at Cobblestone – recruiting outing

·         March 28th    Tuesday, SCGA one-day at Fort Jackson

·         April  3rd        Monday 9-10  at Northwood

·         April 13th       Thursday afternoon golf and meeting

·         April 17th       Monday 9-10  at Northwood

·         April 20th       Thursday, SCGA Senior one-day at Windermere

·         April 27 -30   Spring Fling at Innisibrooks, Tampa, Fla

·         May 10th        Wednesday  SCGA one-day at Oak Hills

·         May 16th        Tuesday, SCGA one-day at Camden CC

·         May 25th        Thursday, SCGA one-day at woodland CC

·         May 29th        Monday 9-10 at Northwood

·         June 8th         Thursday afternoon Golf and meeting

·         June 12th       Monday 9-10 at Northwood  

·         June 22nd      Thursday, SCGA one-day at Wildewood CC

·         June 26th       Monday 9-10 at Northwood

·         July 6th         Thursday, SCGA one-day at Indian River, West Columbia


·         July 10th       Monday, 9- 10 at Northwood

·         July 20th       Thursday afternoon golf and meeting

·         July 24th        Monday 9 – 10 at Northwood

·         August 3rd     Thursday,  afternoon golf

·         August 7th      Monday  9 – 10 at Northwood

·         August 17th    Thursday, SCGA one-day at Golden Hills, Lexington

·         August 21st     Monday , SCGA one-day at  Spring Valley CC


·         August 31st     Thursday, SCGA one-day at Lin Rick